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Marriage Retreats: The Help Needed To Fix A Marriage!

October 7, 2013

A retreat renders the troubled couple into total isolation, often worlds apart from the couples usual everyday lifestyle and daily grind. Couples may discuss specific matters of the heart without any family or friends, uninvited advice, intrusions and interferences. Marriage retreats rely upon couples engaging with groups of couples suffering the same wedlock problems, to encourage group participation. The focus of the retreat is to help improve all couples situations, uninterrupted. Couples soon come to realize the huge problems they have been encountering in their relationship. Especially the breakdown in communication they have with each other, the dynamic structure of working together as a married unit that doesn’t exist and not knowing where to begin at solving their marriage problems.

Some marriage retreats are designed to mimic vacations. This means that business (work on your marriage) is combined with pleasure (doing the work in a beautiful setting). Be the setting in question a beach of a mountain top, the idea is to rekindle the romance between the two of you, just like when you first fell for each other. If you can do the work in a beautiful setting, so much the better for each of you.

Marriage retreats are a truly wonderful escape away from the stresses and strains of daily life and while on a marriage retreat you may find that you do love each other very much, you may find that you have no problems in your marriage. You have quite simply become stressed with your daily life and this causes you to shut down communication with those closest to you. As one of the most important things in any relationship is communication, saying what you need and listening to whatever it is that your spouse feels that they need, the shutting down of the communication channels will cause such problems as, “you never listen to me any more, you don’t talk to me any more.” If both parties work full time, with other people in an office or a factory, or if you work with the public the shutting down of the communication channels can be the first signs of too much stress in your job.

Marriage retreats are a much more relaxed version of marriage counseling and in this environment you will be more relaxed and likely to open up if when you do not feel threatened. For some marriage counseling seems like a chore. You have to make an appointment, psyche yourself up for going and try to untangle the knots in your stomach from the last session and then prepare to discuss in intimate detail of the problems you are having within your marriage. However, with a getaway you get the best of both worlds – a relaxing and romantic trip for just the two to ignite the feelings of love you have for one another along with the kind of guidance you need to strengthen your marriage and get it back on track.

When couples attend Christian marriage retreats, guided by religious principles, couples go through experiences with their partners to either strengthen a marriage or rebuild broken marriages. The marriage retreat is one of the most successful ways to keep, re-energize a marriage. Couples that finish the retreat experience leave encouraged, energized and with a renewed hope that they can and will have a healthy, developing marriage.

When I attended my first Christian marriage retreat a few years ago, I had to overcome a big misconception. When I got married, I believed that relationships built on a Christian foundation were stronger and less likely to fail. While I still believe this to be true, the reality is that a Christian couple faces the same marital trials and tribulations and hardships as any other couple. I’d like to share some information about Christian marriage retreats that could save your marriage.

Often times the guidance you receive will be on the cutting edge but most importantly LOTS of fun. You will find from skill building games to take-in-your-room exercises, marriage retreats are a fun and unique way to reconnect with one another in a completely different environment that will have you smiling once you have had a session or two.

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